How ZappRx's platform improves the process

Our digital platform makes it simple to collect and save all of the information required to fill a specialty prescription in one step; including pharmacy information, payer/prior authorization requirements, and relevant patient clinical history. ZappRx then enables healthcare providers, pharmacists, and payers to digitally interact with one another to fill a prescription, reducing the need for fax and phone call interactions.

ZappRx for healthcare providers

Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Our platform streamlines what is currently a multi-step, manual prescribing process, often involving multiple platforms for each of several treatments, into a single, digitally-enabled format. This allows providers who treat complex conditions to focus more on patient care and less on the paperwork required for getting patients on therapy.  


  • Digitally initiate the prescription enrollment process
  • Ability to populate information for a PA at the same time as prescribing a specialty drug
  • Digital patient consent
  • Prescription status tracking


  • Reduced administrative burden and paperwork
  • Improved team communication and collaboration


For specialty pharmacies


Solutions for Specialty Pharmacies

Our digital specialty prescribing platform enables providers to send prescription referrals to specialty pharmacies with legible and more complete information, so pharmacy teams spend less time chasing paperwork and more time helping patients who need life-saving medications.



  • Streamlined prescription referral, without the use of handwritten referral forms

  • Bi-directional communication with providers

  • Digital patient consent

  • Easy access to up-to-date insurance information

  • Prescription status tracking


  • Greater efficiency for specialty pharmacies

  • Clearer, easier-to-read orders

  • A reduction in the number of phone calls from patients and providers

  • Higher provider and patient satisfaction

  • More time to support patients


What we do Patients


Solutions for Patients

Does your doctor use ZappRx to manage your specialty drug? If not, tell your doctor about our platform today. When provider offices use ZappRx, patients can gain access to critically-important therapies in much less time and with much less frustration. You can stay connected with your doctor, digitally sign consent forms, and check the status of your prescription order to keep the process moving forward.



  • Digital patient consent

  • Easily update your health insurance information

  • Prescription status tracking


  • Receive your specialty medications more quickly, with less hassle

  • Enjoy greater transparency into the prescription ordering process



Solutions for Biopharma Companies

Wondering how your drug is performing in the market? Wouldn't it be helpful to understand what goes on inside a prescriber's head? The ZappRx platform will offer unique insights into the thought processes of prescribers and the performance of specialty drug therapies. Our data analytics product is designed to help biopharma companies stay ahead in a growing market by giving them insights to develop a deep understanding of which brands are being prescribed why, how often, when, and where. 

Understand healthcare providers' thought process
Understand a patient’s experience on your drug
Identify process bottlenecks, including issues with PA and patient consent
Visualize brand-share performance

Competitive analysis

    • How many prescriptions were written for my brand? Other brands? By whom?

    • How many prescriptions were filled? Refilled?

    • Am I missing fills from when patients change insurance?

Time to Fill (TTF)

    • How quickly are my scripts being filled?

    • What and where are the bottlenecks?

    • What are payers doing to impact access? Pricing?

Real-world evidence

    • When, how, and why does my drug work?

    • What patients, biomarkers, and companion diagnoses predict performance?

    • How many prescriptions were abandoned by patients? Why?