Rich Kramer



Rich Kramer leads ZappRx’s provider sales team as the company continues implementing ZappRx’s platform at physician practices and health systems across the United States. Most recently, Rich served as VP of Sales at Upfront Healthcare, an early-stage healthcare technology startup where he led commercialization of the company’s product.


Prior to Upfront, Rich was Director of Sales at Orien Health, where he helped the company expand from selling its product solely to state and municipalities into massive health systems and providers practices. Before Orien, he served in multiple roles at PatientKeeper, finally landing in sales where he single-handedly sold $60 million of the company’s services and closed two of the largest health systems in the country.


As VP of Commercial Operations for ZappRx, Rich leads the expansion of provider adoption, especially within large health systems, where he has a breadth of relationships and deep experience with closing similar contracts. Rich also strategically plans the structure of the sales team and oversees its expansion as the platform launches into new disease areas and treatments.