Job Title:

Engineering Manager - Boston, MA

Job Description:

ZappRx is looking for an engineering manager who is able to be productive and happy in the face of a tsunami of opportunities and the changing business requirements each opportunity brings.

All candidates should be quick learners, be reasonably undaunted by uncharted territory, be versatile in the face of what needs to be done, be able to design and write systems that are maintainable and scale up well, be proud of doing a good job, and be able to make strong individual contributions in the setting of a tightly-knit team.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical and organizational leadership
  • Communicate cross-functionally and drive engineering efforts
  • Manage data for prospective clients in, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate and pertinent documents are attached
  • Hold your own in technical discussion, be a subject matter expert, and have strategic influence
  • Build robust and scalable software in Python,
  • Design and create services and system architecture for your projects, and contribute and provide feedback to other team members
  • Help improve our code quality through writing unit tests, and automation Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute ideas to our technology, algorithms and products
  • Work with the product and design teams to understand end-user requirements, formulate use cases, and then translate that into a pragmatic and effective technical solution
  • Dive into difficult problems and successfully deliver results on schedule

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; degree preferred 
  • 7-10 years of hands-on coding and software design
  • A track record of projects completed on time – you are a flawless executor, not a procrastinator
  • You find satisfaction in a job well done and want to solve head-scratching challenges
  • Solid OOP and software design knowledge – you should know how to create software that’s extensible, reusable and meets desired architectural objectives
  • Must have experience with Python, Django Framework, and the willingness to learn new technologies (experience with other object-oriented languages is okay too, but our code is Python)
  • Experience with Linux/Unix and scripting languages like Python, Perl, shell scripting, etc


  • Bachelor’s  in a related field, or an intriguing reason for not having one
  • Master’s degree adds bonus points

Application Instructions

  • Resume
  • 3 References


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