[Infographic] What factors impact MS treatment adherence?

July 06, 2016

The more patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) talk with their health care providers, the better. A close patient-provider relationship can help patients better adhere to treatment plans and manage symptoms. What gets in the way of optimal patient-provider communication then? And why are many MS patients struggling to enjoy day-to-day activities, such as hobbies, work, and travel?

According to the State of MS Report, nearly 1/2 of neurologists say they don't have enough time to have an effective dialogue with patients about their treatments. Providers are weighed down by administrative work, often caused by the complex specialty drug prescribing process. In fact, we discovered providers spend an average of 19.2 minutes per prescription filling out paperwork - that's 3 hours per week for just 10 prescriptions!

Here's an overview of the challenges that get in the way of treatment adherence for MS patients.