[Podcast] It's hard to prescribe specialty drugs

July 13, 2017

ZappRx’s Chief Commercial Officer, Lorrie Carr, recently discussed the cumbersome issues plaguing specialty drug prescribing today - as well as how ZappRx’s platform offers a solution - on the Relentless Health Value podcast hosted by Stacey Richter.


From the massive administrative and financial overhead of manually completing enrollment forms to partial solutions that place the responsibility of patient data aggregation onto providers, it is clear that the outdated, handwritten way of doing things is simply no longer scalable to the modern specialty medication market.


Data is lost in translation while being passed through the web of pharmaceutical manufacturer to provider to payer to patient, and as a result, in too many cases, what pharmacies and patients are communicating fails to properly line up. After all, without a complete data set, how can pharmacies and providers understand all of the patient’s needs, and not just their medical ones? Inefficiency in such a complex network of back-and-forth communication is almost inevitable, and that is where the ZappRx vision comes into play.


Listen to Lorrie and Stacey’s discussion to understand how ZappRx automates specialty prescribing and brings clarity to lines of communication among stakeholders in every part of the process.


Listen to the podcast: