The specialty drug fulfillment process is complex


Enrollment forms can be difficult to find and are time-consuming to complete.


Hard-to-read faxes can cause extra calls between pharmacies and practices.


Often patients leave the office before signing consent, further delaying the process.

PA process

The prior authorization process is separate from Rx ordering, causing duplication of work.


There's no way to track the steps in the process and see when the script is complete.

There's good news - it just got easier

Specialty drug management in one, simple platform

ZappRx technology for specialty drug prescribing

Faster for providers

      Reduce time spent prescribing and managing specialty drugs.    

Efficient for pharmacists

Communicate with providers, decrease fill time, increase throughput.

Transparent for patients

      Monitor the status of your drug and increase speed-to-therapy.  

Insightful for biopharma 

Measure brand and process performance with real-time clinical data.

ZappRx ebook: What ails specialty drug prescribing?Free ebook: What ails specialty drug prescribing? An independent survey of PAH providers

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    • Why speed-to-therapy and automation matters to everyone involved


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